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103 Natural EnzymeTM

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103 Natural EnzymeTM


103 Natural Enzyme is a fermented drink which is developed in Cell Activation Research Institute after several years of research. It is produced with about 100 kinds of natural substances such as wild plants growing in mountains and fields, wile edible greens, organically-cultivated vegetables and fruits, and sea squirt grown in clean seas. 103 Natural Enzyme is cell-activating healthy drink produced by marinating and fermenting fruits, leaves, herbs, stems and plants roots in a traditional jar for more than eight years. Brown rice phellinus linteus extract is added into the fermented enzyme liquid that is free of any antiseptic substances, bleaches, and coloring agents.


● Drink 10ml of the liquid each time with plenty of water (150~180cc) 2~3 times a day.
● Drink before and after meals and in empty stomach. Drink before going to sleep if suffering constipation.
● Drink diluted in cooled mineral water recommended
● Store the drink in shadows or cool places and diluted solutions in refrigerator. Consume a full bottle within 1~2 days for best results


103 Natural EnzymeTM

Fermented Plant Extract

Ingredient / Additive

103 species of mountain herbs and edible wild plants such vegetables,fruits, seaweed, etc.


100*100*325 (mm)

Shelf Life

60 months

Storage way

Room temperature